Poppet Ponies


 Mini Mouse

Scooby is our oldest pony, he is 13 hands and is 26 years old although he doesn't look or act his age! We have owned him since he was just 5 years
He is a Welsh Section B although you would never know it as he hates to show off! Scooby is our most laid back pony to ride and he can be very lazy!
Mini Mouse is a lovely young 13.2 hands bay Welsh pony.

She has proven to be a very sweet natured and quiet pony and is a perfect team member!
MiniMouse is ideal for older children to ride.

Toodles is a young 12 hand high Welsh pony.
She is an unusual cream colour and is very friendly, she is very keen to be everyones best friend!

Toodles is our newest edition and has made herself very popular with the other ponies.


Lily is a 10 hand high Shetland pony. She is 12 years old and is a very pretty Bay Roan Colour.
Lily has a very sweet and gentle personality
and all the children love her. 
She may be the smallest but she loves to part of the group of our bigger horses!


Aladdin is our latest edition, who has come along to be a friend to Delilah.
He was bred by some friends of ours and was one of four.  Aladdin came to us at only  two weeks old and had to be bottle fed by us.
Aladdin is very mischevious and loves playing games!
Delilah was born in March 2015, she is great fun to have around she even follows us around the field like a dog! She gets on with the horses although they ignore her most of the time. Delilah is like a mother figure to little Aladdin and they love playing together!