Poppet Ponies
Tots taster sessions

Ideal for toddlers!

A Tots taster session will give your little ones their first experience of ponies. Ideal for those who may be too young to go to a riding school. From a simple sit on the pony to being led by our experienced handlers as your little one enjoys moving along on a walking pony in our meadows.
Tots tasters is ideal for toddlers and young children, mum or dad are welcome to help out and provide a familiar face as your child has fun. We will provide a hat and your child will be supervised at all times to give the best experience possible. 

Taken at a very gentle pace, suitable for your child, with the first session to ensure that your child is confident around the pony. Tots tasters is available during school hours (pre-schoolers) or also after school. During seasonal times of year these rides are themed with ponies in fancy dress and decorations like Easter, Halloween and Christmas. These rides are a little more expensive but every child goes home with something extra special!